Hey guys, I just made this site cause i noticed that there are 'College Problems', 'Black girl problems', 'Asian problems', etc; so i thought why not desi problems where everyone can just come out and share stories and submit typical desi problems. Submit all stories, funny pictures, etc about all your funny hardships of being a desi whether you are a FOB, NRI, or ABCD, we're all desi and we all have our moments!
 Desis laughing

People: “If you mom is from India and your dad is from Pakistan, why are you so white?”

Me: OMG Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white…

Anyone else have this problem? Indian, but an ABCD, so not Indian enough…

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Steve McCurry: India

Source: http://stevemccurry.com/galleries/india


drinkin water during the last few minutes of sehri:
pour up (drank)
head shot (drank)
sit down (drank)
stand up (drank) (gets yelled at for drinkin water while standing)
pass out (drank)
*prays fajr and goes to sleep*
wake up (can’t drank)
faded (haram)
faded (so haram)

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Anonymous: Do u still consider yourself as the number one desi blog?

I don’t think I ever did consider myself the “number one desi blog”. So no. 

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I know you all making duas for your future boo this Ramadan. I see you taking your time in sujood. I gotchu.

Celestial’s “Drake - Draft Day Remix” Music Video

Thank you graciously for your support on my last project!! As a result I wanted to share with your my newest music video where I remixed Drake’s “Draft Day” song and took a stab and murdering it! 

I hope it is something you like; a legit desi lyricist


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Anonymous: Why haven't u been posting?

Why haven’t u been submitting? 

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Anonymous: Tfw no desi girl ever paid attention to me growing up. No desi girl pays attention to me now. Get a white gf and desi girls get all butt-hurt. :/

LOL oh man. that struggle. 

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Kumail Nanjiani

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Anonymous: to anon before, just do it behind their backs…its not worth the crazy shit that comes along with it if its just dating and not in love. i know it sucks but honestly it depends on how conservative your parents are. every single american and desi married couple i know (including my 2nd cousin) hid the relationship until they knew that they were each other’s one and only bc the can of crazy and grounding and possibly physical violence that can come isnt worth it for anything not long-term…
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Hey guys look at this:


Full of sewing supplies right?


NOPE! Actual cookies in here!!

This is the most exciting thing to happen to pretty much any desi kid ever.

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throwback to me calling a teacher as ‘auntie’ in front of other teachers

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Submitted by: http://adeelhusain.tumblr.com/

Submitted by: http://adeelhusain.tumblr.com/